Newcastle Arts Team Artist Residency Programme 2022/23

Newcastle Arts Team would like to recruit professional, locally based artists to engage people of all ages on our new 2022/23 Residency Programme. We are particularly interested to hear from artists who can clearly demonstrate their ability to build strong, meaningful relationships with participants through face-to face-and digital engagement; if circumstances demand; artists who will ensure that the artwork is of the highest standard and is totally relevant to and reflects all participants and audiences and will be created on time and within the agreed budget.

The focus for artist residencies is to explore creative ideas with participants and the communities they are part of, to help celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Newcastle’s many diverse communities and to leave a legacy, that will enable local people to continue to develop creative skills and practices following on from their engagement on the residency.

The residency programme will culminate in an end-of-year (February/March) celebration that will shine a light on all the participants and art forms represented throughout the residency programme.


The Arts Development Officer has engaged with many community partners across the city over the past few months to discuss ideas for new residencies. Exploring what this would look like, who they would engage and how they will support this creative partnership on the ground.

Many of these conversations raised several key words; for example, ‘building back’ after the pandemic and ‘reconnecting’ in local spaces and shopping areas with our neighbours, small local businesses, and community organisations.

So, after much discussion and thinking on how this could shape up the artist residency 2022/23 programme, the arts team have agreed they will focus on the places and spaces at the heart of our communities, with a spotlight on the east end of the city to support building back local communities.

Places and Spaces

Newcastle’s east end has several high streets and shopping areas in and around local neighbourhoods, some not doing as well as others. However, we all know that these high streets and shopping areas are vital resources to local communities and home to many great local businesses, providing goods and services for local people along with much needed support and connection for people.

The two key locations in the east end we will creatively engage with will be:

1. Wretham Place and surrounding areas in the Ouseburn Ward in partnership with Big River Bakery.

This is much more than just a community bakery, this social enterprise based in the heart of Shieldfield, employs people with learning difficulties, supports unemployed people into employment through their ‘One Loaf at a time’ Employability course. They work in partnership to offer free food in the area, and they support and connect with others to deliver many community-based activities. They are particularly interested in working with people who are in social isolation, such as the elderly and young children.

Big River Bakery is also part of a group of Shieldfield Community Organisations who meet regularly to share information and support each other to serve the neighbourhood. Together, Shieldfield Community Organisations have helped to coordinate food parcel deliveries, community litter picks and summer activity packs for young children, and annual winter festivities.

Shieldfield Community Organisations are Big River Bakery, Caring Hands Charity, Christ Church Parish Church, Dwellbeing Shieldfield, Mutual Aid Heaton, Shieldfield and Battlefield, Shieldfield Art Works (formerly Holy Biscuit), and Shieldfield Forum Cafe.

This residency will not look to ‘reinvent the wheel’. Its key aim will be to offer an opportunity for local creatives, businesses, and people to come together to re-imagine and reclaim the outdoor spaces they live and work in, with a particular focus on Wretham Place and the area around the stilts.

August will see the launch of ‘Shieldfield: A Strategic Plan’ which is the culmination of 5 years’ of engagement and research by Dwellbeing Shieldfield and residents into public space. This strategy sets out some important priorities, and potential actions to improve planning and development in the area so that it is a better, greener, and a safer place to live. Artists thinking of responding to this residency are invited to join Dwellbeing Shieldfield for a special event to launch the strategy on Tuesday 23rd August from 4.45pm – 6.00pm at Shieldfield Art Works.

To book a space please email 

Ultimately, we want this residency to enhance local conversations, to excite and stimulate community discussion and continued pride in the local area. We would hope that the artists recruited will already have strong links within the area and that through this residency will build stronger relationships with new and existing local people, to help guide and support the development and creation of a communal space in the public realm, that at the end of this residency will become a place that is inclusive and welcoming for all.

2. Shields Road/Welbeck Road in partnership with many local community projects, retailers and Nexus, the operator of the Tyne and Wear Metro. This residency will creatively explore and develop new ideas to help shape the future of Shields Road and Welbeck Road.

We would like this residency to focus on what people feel would make their high street and shopping area a place with its own unique character, culture, and heritage; that offers a physical, social experience of togetherness that’s just not available online and an irreplaceable part of life.

Ideas from this residency will feed into ongoing work by the Place Innovation Programme (PIP), that is currently exploring ways to make high streets greener, healthier, and more sustainable, with tree-lined streets, living walls and vertical gardens, and safer and more welcoming through visible improvements to safety, litter and graffiti and opportunities for local people to come together for events that attract locals and visitors alike, instilling pride and belonging.

We will also be supported via Nexus as part of their Arts Council England-funded Metro Takeover programme and through this partnership we would like to see artwork created and displayed in the Metro station at Byker, just off Shields Road, where there is a wall space 11m x 2.5m running along the back of the concourse. This space has been used many times to display artwork and we would like this to be linked into the celebration activity during March 2023. This will involve the supply of a digital image for printing onto Corex/Foamex boards by an external company. Depending on the medium this may require photography or similar. Nexus will carry out installation of the supplied artwork at its own additional cost.

The PIP team will be running summer community consultation events in various locations to engage local families and this information, along with key themes highlighted will be shared with the appointed artists. We will look to hold regular meetings to make sure all creative ideas feed into the PIP steering group. We would like the 2 x artists to explore the following points as part of this residency:

1. How could we breathe new life into empty buildings?

2. How would high street businesses like to be supported more.

3. What would help improve the public realm.

4. Creative ways to provide safe and clean spaces.

5. Ideas to come together and celebrate pride in local communities.

Running alongside this artist residency will be additional support via PIP for businesses through their targeted business support and all ideas generated from this residency will feed into the development of an area investment plan by Summer 2024 led by PIP, which hopefully will identify schemes to be delivered in the medium to long term that can be used as a blueprint for other high streets in Newcastle.

Additional Information

We would like to hear from locally based artists, aware of the challenges and current work programmes in these areas.

Both artists per residency will have had previous working relationships together, which they can clearly demonstrate.

We would look to see both artists per residency comfortable working individually, as well as together.

Artists need to communicate well together each step of the way, clearly articulating ideas and plans with all partners.

Linking into local groups and forums is essential, to ensure good connections and partnerships continue and to enhance and build on work already started.

Residencies will look to work inclusively with people of all ages and abilities; with a particular focus on those NOT currently engaging in creative activity where possible.

We do not want to ‘top up’ existing provision, but to add additional value and develop new sustainable ideas.

Delivery will be during winter months, so artists will need to take this into consideration when responding.

Student Placement on residency programme

We will continue to work in partnership with Newcastle and Northumbria Universities’ Fine & Performing Arts Departments to offer students the opportunity to support the artists-in-residence programme through student placements.

The arrangement has benefits for all parties: the students gain first-hand experience of working as an artist in a community setting; the artists receive support and assistance; and the Arts Team can encourage high-quality emerging artists to consider participatory artwork as part of their careers.

Applications are invited from students through the LifeWorkArt programme at Newcastle University and the Placements and Partners Initiative at Northumbria University.

It is expected that the artists-in-residence will participate in the identification and recruitment of students to work with them during their residency and, in partnership with the Arts Team’s Arts Development Officer and Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, guide and mentor the successful applicants throughout the duration of the residency. In return, the student will commit a minimum of 100 hours to the residency and will support and assist the artist throughout the duration of their period in residence.

Artist Gatherings and on-going support

Newcastle Arts Team will offer ongoing support throughout the residencies to all artists and partners.

The residencies will begin with an Induction Day for all artists and students early October 2022.

Information-sharing, the coordination of activities and creative problem solving will take place at Artist Gatherings. These will happen approximately every 6 weeks throughout the residency programme and all artists are expected to attend. The agenda for these meetings will be guided by the artists/students and partners. More information about the gatherings is shared with successful applicants when appointed.

Residency Fees:

Residency 1: Shieldfield

We are looking to recruit 2 artists that can clearly demonstrate they will work well on their own and in partnership with each other.

2 artists @ 30 days engagement each @ £200 per day = £6,000 per artist

Plus 5 x half day Artist Gatherings (including induction) each = £600 Total Fee = £6,600 x 2 (£13,200)

Additional Material/Resource Budget £2,000 managed by Newcastle Arts Development Team

Total Residency Budget £15,200

Residency 2: Shields Road

We are looking to recruit 2 artists that can clearly demonstrate they will work well on their own and in partnership with each other.

2 x artists @ 40 days engagement each @ £200 per day = £8,000 per artist Plus 5 x half day Artist Gatherings (including induction) per artist = £600

Total fee per artist = £8,600 x 2 (£17,200)

Additional Materials/Resource Budget £6,000 managed by Newcastle Arts Development Team

Total Residency Budget £22,200

Timetable for Residencies

  • Artist-in-Residence opportunity advertised 1 st August 2022
  • Deadline for the submission of applications Friday 2nd September 2022
  • Interviews 20th , 23rd and/or 29th September 2022
  • Artist Induction Training Day w/b 3 rd October 2022 • Artist Gatherings x 4 tbc
  • Artists’ contracts October 2022 – March 2023 • Celebration/ Exhibition no later than 31st March 2023 Artists-in-Residence – Person Specification
  • Professional experience and specialism in at least one art-form
  • Professional experience of creative workshop delivery with inexperienced and hard-to-reach individuals and groups of a variety of profiles and backgrounds
  • Excellent communication and listening skills • Ability to work on own initiative and as a member of a team
  • Excellent administrative and project management skills
  • Good local knowledge How to apply If you are interested in applying for one of the residencies described above, please provide the following information:
    • which residency are you applying for? o why you are interested in this residency
    • what you hope to achieve during the residency, and
    • how you would approach the challenge o how you intend to deliver the work, as a pair o your local knowledge
  • Evidence of previous relevant experience which demonstrates your suitability for this residency
  • A link for your up-to-date CV along with contact details for two referees
  • Details of your availability between September 2022 and March 2023
  • 2 examples of work previously made in collaboration with local communities/schools
  • 2 examples of previous work created as part of your collaboration together
  • Proof of current DBS
  • Copy of Public Liability Certificate

Please email applications in word or pdf document to

Please send no more than 2 sides of A4.

Application deadline 12.00 noon on Friday 2nd September 2022.

Shortlisted artists will be invited for an interview on either 20th, 23rd or 29th September 2022. All applicants are advised to hold these dates in their calendar to ensure that they are available if shortlisted.

If you have any further queries, contact: 07917271331 Newcastle City Council, Arts Development Officer

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